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Divided by What we Believe, United by Who we Believe

I am web publishing a guide book to spiritual Christ Likeness. The Book is guided by my personal opinions, observations, and nearly sixty years experience trying to understand more about God I am here for God seekers, and people looking for a way of life that is at once magical and practical I have been through the Roman Catholic Catechism, and the Book of Common Prayer of the Episcopal Church, (under the tutalige of the local Bishop.) The one thing I have not done is graduate from a Seminary, however I have been ordained as an Apostle in the Union Gospel Holiness Church of God. There are Doctors of Theology who have a better knowledge of the Bible than I do, and some who do not believe it like I do. There a a few people who have been witnesses to more miracles than I have, and a few who have received more miracles than I have. I just want to share some of what perspective I have on the Creator of all that is, who by the way loves His creation more than we can know. That Creator goes by many names, "Jehovah", "Yahveh", "Jesus", and "LORD." I firmly believe that the Judaeo-Christian religion is the closest to the real God as man's organizations can get, but each person can get closer.

Not Doctrine, but The Truth, Jesus.

Here is why there is no Salvation, (eternal life) in any other, but Jesus of Nazarith.

  1. The Bible teaches, in both the old and new Testaments, that all mankind is born in sin.
  2. The behavior of people all over the World testifies that the nature of mankind is fallen, given to sin.
  3. Death came by sin and is passed from man to all flesh.
  4. Biology evidences that there is a death clock in every living cell, that need not be there, but cannot be eliminated.
  5. Simple mathmatics shows that one man, with that death gene, can only attone for one mans sin.

 The conclusions are clear. The earth is Death Row. Everything is under a sentence of death. The only hope is for some one man, who was born without sin, lived without sin, and thereby was immortal be sacrificed willingly. Only an immortal has an infinite life, to be substituted for an infinite number of finite lives fulfills the equasion. That hope lies in only one man, Jesus of Nararith, the Christ, Begotten of God, carried by the Virgin Mary, THE SON OF GOD. Only He would be imortal. Only His imortal life would match the infinite number of finite lives to make the price fair, to ransom our lives from the bond of sin. This is why there is no other way to God, the Father. There is no other hope of eternal life. No matter what the clerics promise, no matter what the other "holy men" have said.

No one else has ever, or will ever be imortal, and offer that infinite life as a ransom for all the finite lives that believe on Him. I cannot die for you, it would not be enough to pay for both of us. Buddah could not die for even one other person, neither could Mohammed, nor Krishna, nor any other other person born of death sentensed parents. The answer is simple, repent, accept the forgiveness won by Jesus' death, and go and sin no more.

If you have trouble with that, ask God to help you. 

Not Religion, but Liberty, set free by the Son of God.

Not Anarchy, but  Ordered and Established by God's Commandment.

Personal Testimony

In 1992 I was injured on the job. The injury required surgery to the lower abdomen. I underwent surgery in early 1993. Six weeks after the surgery I began to have unbelievable pain. After months of hassles from various Insurance Companies, and unable to work, my case was transferred to the County Hospital. The pain was so severe that I passed out, went into seizures, and frequented the local Emergency Rooms. The condition that was causing all my trouble was a trapped Left Femoral nerve. In the spring of 1994, the County Hospital attempted to free the nerve by surgery. I was living in a homeless shelter. When the pain returned the Doctors told me that there was no more that, they could do. In 1995, I went to a Healing Crusade, and at the crusade, I was healed, but I lost it. Between 1995 and 2001, I learned about Faith Healing, and how to keep it. I learned that miracles are a battle of words, your words. I learned what Dominion meant, and that God never took our Dominion away (see Genesis Chapter 1). I was ready for the next healing Crusade. The first night at the crusade, nothing happened, so I returned more determined to receive my healing that Jesus had already paid for. When the word went out, "If you want to be healed, stand up." I stood up - nothing happened. Thoughts raced through my head, "I need to get closer. If I tell the ushers that I have been healed maybe they will take me closer." I was not going to give up no matter what. It was then that heat hit me and the pain flowed out of my body into the floor. I was healed. I ran up and down the stairs. It was wonderful. I gave my testimony. The next day the pain tried to come back, and I told the pain, "NO! I was healed by the stripes of Jesus and you have no right to come back." The pain dissolved. Over the following weeks this was repeated over and over. More and more time passed and the attempts to undo my healing became less and less frequent. Now after more than fourteen years I do not have to think about it much anymore.
Praise God!
John Spivak.


Prayer List:

Click on this link to listen to me and my wife over the web on www.1270WYXC.com (WYXC Radio 1270 AM in the Cartersville, GA area) every Saturday at 12 Noon Eastern Time. Also we highly recommend the research done at Shroud of Turin Website I was very moved by an presentation of the shroud of Turin in 1965, and the more it is studied the more it confounds science, and the more it looks like the evidence of Jesus' resurrection.

Comments and Suggestions

I welcome constructive suggestions on the form and content of the Book. I will not respond to "Heretic Hunters." I am not espousing Church Doctrine. Serious discussion from God seekers are encouraged and I will respond as soon as possible. Also please send me an e-mail if you liked the reading, need prayer (including healing or miracles), or want to give a praise report. (tell me if you want a reply.) God Bless You!

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While it would be wonderful for all things to run without money, sadly that is not the case. Almighty God has promised througout the Holy Scriptures to Bless those who give to the poor, the widows and the fatherless (De.24:19 & Zec.7:10).
I and this ministry fits two of those categories. Therefore I am giving everyone that visits this site a way of showing their appreciation in a meaningful way. This is a Registered, Tax deductable Ministry(in the USA). A receipt for your donation available upon requet. I am willing to trust God, which is why I have put in the work to create the book and am learning how to publish this web site, and why I preach on the radio. Thank you, and Bless you in advance for your support in these hard times.
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